When will I get my shirts?
You’ll get your custom shirts 7-10 days after a proof is approved and the order is paid in full. If you need them sooner we can put a rush on them for a small fee

Graphic Design for your Custom Shirt
We like to make things look good and will work with you to create graphics for your custom shirts. Each order comes with 30 minutes of graphic design included – whether it’s working on your graphics or starting from scratch. Any order above 50+ pieces gets an hour of design time included. Any further time spent on graphics is $25/hr.

Do you ship orders?
Absolutely, and our prices are incredibly affordable. We offer free local delivery within 15 miles and local pickup. Near the Twin Cities? We travel down there often and are happy to drop off orders when we're down.

How do payments work?
We accept credit cards, cash, and checks. Our invoice system allows you to quickly pay online with a credit card. If this is your first time ordering with us we require the order to be paid 50% down before we proceed. Orders must be paid in full before they are picked up, shipped, or delivered. For clients such as non profits and schools Net 30 terms are available.

Do you offer different styles and brands?
Absolutely! Choose from a wide variety of brands, styles, fits, and colors. We have relationships with many of the top shirt distributors to get you your custom shirts. Check our our favorite tried and true garments ion the Garments page.

Do you offer online ordering?
YES! If you’re a sports team that’s looking to make ordering more simple, or a business looking to streamline the process, we can setup online ordering for you! Your store can have different apparel times, brands, colors, and decoration methods.

Do you have order forms available?
Yes! No one likes getting orders from people and having to compile post-it notes! We can happily make an order form for you to keep your shirt orders as orderly as possible. If you are a school sports coach we also offer online ordering!


Why do more colors in a design cost more?
Each color in a design and per side of the shirt requires a silk screen to be coated with emulsion, exposed, registered, setup, and cleaned. The more colors in a design means there are more screens, more materials and time invested. We offer price breaks depending on the amount of garments ordered.

How many colors can you print per shirt?
We can print up to 5 colors. We print using a method called “simulated process” which allows us to make different colors and shades by blending – or half-toning. This allows us to make some prints look like they are say 5 colors and it’s only a 3 color shirt.

What will my shirts be like?
Each shirt goes through 4-5 inspections before it is in your hands. Each shirt is printed to have a minimal feel to it, or hand.  For clients wanting the softest feel and eco-friendly inks we offer water-based screen printing.

Can I get my design screen printed on different items?
Yes, we can make that happen. Let us know when you contact us or at the end of the quick contact form just let us know what else you want your design printed on! Keep in mind that sizing can play a factor. A 12″ W x 14″ H design isn’t going to fit on a toddler’s t-shirt as well as it would an adult t-shirt. We will talk with you about some different options when you contact us.


How much does it cost to embroider a garment?
There’s only one answer to this question – it depends. Embroidery costs are dependent on stitch count, how many stitches are in your design, and the amount and type of apparel your wanting embroidered. Without seeing your design, having the file, running it through our software and getting the estimated stitch count makes it hard to put an exact number on it. If you send us your logo or graphic we can quickly get you a quote. We offer quantity discounts. The more you order the more you save.

What types of things can you embroider?
Most anything. Our most popular items are t-shirts, hats, polos, and bags. We can also do custom golf bags, totes, pillow cases, jackets, hoodies, and more. Connections with multiple distributors, top of the line embroidery equipment, and professional graphic design allow us to make your design look great on a vast assortment of items!

What is "Digitizing"?
Digitizing is the process of taking your logo, image, or design and converting it into a special file that can be read by our embroidery machines. It is a very important part of the embroidery process and will ultimately determine the quality of your embroidered image.

Can I bring in my own items and have them embroidered?
It depends. We have taken on jobs like this in the past and have refused some. If we take them on we are not liable for any damage done to the garment! The truth is that things can happen – God forbid – and the last thing we want is to have something go wrong while embroidering a family heirloom or really expensive shirt!

How many colors can you embroider?
Our machines allow us to embroider up to 15 colors in your design, which is more than plenty to do most all designs.